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How It Works

Our innovative platform empowers you, the local investor, to own and profit from real estate within your community, alongside your neighbors. Here’s how you can join us in reshaping the future of local real estate investment:

Step 1: Discover Opportunities


At Neighbors Own, our first task is to identify promising real estate projects that offer potential for sustainable profitability. From residential rentals to larger apartment complexes, we rigorously assess each opportunity to ensure it meets our strict criteria for return on investment, community impact, and long-term viability. Our selections are driven by deep market analysis, future growth potential, and community benefit.


Step 2: Investment Made Simple


Once a project is vetted and selected, we open the door to local investors. Neighbors Own covers 51% of the required down payment, setting the stage for community members to contribute the remaining 49%. This unique model allows you to invest at a level that suits your financial situation, with minimal entry barriers. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a first-time participant in real estate, our platform is designed to accommodate your investment capacity.


Step 3: Seamless Financing


We handle all the complexities of financing. By partnering with reputable financial institutions and leveraging community-funded investments, we ensure the acquisition process is smooth and efficient. Our collaborative approach not only speeds up the purchasing process but also reinforces community ties by keeping the ownership local.


Step 4: Property Management


After acquisition, Neighbors Own takes on the management responsibilities of the property. Whether it's dealing with day-to-day operations or strategic decisions, our experienced team ensures that each property is managed to maximize occupancy, maintain high standards, and ensure a steady return on investment. Our management covers everything from tenant selection and rent collection to maintenance and compliance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the operational burdens.


Step 5: Earn Passive Income


Once the property is operational and generating revenue, you start receiving passive income. Your earnings are proportional to your investment, ensuring a fair return based on the percentage of your ownership. As the property appreciates in value, so does your investment, offering both immediate income and long-term financial growth.


Step 6: Community Growth


By investing with Neighbors Own, you’re not just buying into real estate; you’re investing in the fabric of your community. Our model ensures that more property ownership stays in the hands of local residents, which strengthens local economies and keeps decision-making local.


Join Neighbors Own


Ready to start investing with your community? Join Neighbors Own today to take your first step towards local real estate ownership. It’s simple, straightforward, and most importantly, it’s driven by community values. Let’s build a prosperous future together, one property at a time. View available projects or contact us today to get started. 

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